Skydiving Technology Advancement

Pacific Spaceflight has spent over 10 years developing high altitude pressure suits. They have been pressure tested to Apollo Lunar Pressures, flown to high altitudes, cold tested, and even rock climbed in! (Mars simulations)

With the rise of space interest in many fields, Pacific Spaceflight partnered with Earth and Space Explorations LLC has adapted its low cost, high function, pressure suit to open high altitude skydiving at an affordable cost. Everyone that has seen the Red Bull Stratos or Alan Eustace’s record breaking jumps has been in awe of the accomplishment. This is the beginning of opening up the stratosphere to all jumpers who wish to see the blackness of space and the curvature of the Earth.

Each suit costs less than $10,000 USD, which puts it at the same price point as a new skydiving rig setup and thus achievable by skydivers around the world.

As skydivers continue to push the limits of free fall time and abilities, pressure suits and life support systems will be necessary as jumps from higher altitudes become more widely available. Pacific Spaceflight and Earth and Space Explorations LLC looks to lead the future of the sport towards the stars while providing optimal safety training to do so.

More history on the suits found here: pacificspaceflight.comĀ 


By Trent Tresch